Loft Boarding

Need more storage space? Use your loft!

The most economical way to gain more extra storage space at home is to ustilise your loft space to create a safe, strong useable storage area.  

Whether you are creating a boarded loft storage area for the first time, or trying to get back the area you used to have before your loft was insulated, the LoftZone StoreFloor raised loft storage system is the correct product for the job.

StoreFloor was designed to provide a super strong storage deck above your full depth of insulation, without having to remove or squash it to make it fit under loft boarding.

StoreFloor sits above up to 350mm of insulation, whilst allowing an airflow gap underneath which will allow air in your loft to circulate as intended, to keep away damp.

Squashing insulation is not acceptable as this stops it from working and can cause condensation and mould issues. 

Watch this video to understand how this unique product works.

Designed to promote airflow to reduce condensation

StoreFloor leaves an air gap underneath the boards, to prevent condensation. (Note that some other raised loft products aren’t tall enough for this essential feature)

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