Hatch Help!

Do you have a Push up loft hatch? Having to climb on a chair to get your ladder down? 

Turners lofts help customers exchange their push up loft hatches for a safer pull down loft hatch and loft ladder option.  

How long will it take to fit a pull down hatch and ladder? 

It takes 2 - 3 hours to remove and install a loft ladder and hatch. 

Will there be alot of mess for me to clean up afterwards? 

Turners lofts always clean up after themselves. 

If I want to increase the opening of my hatch could you do this? 

We can certainly do this for you! We would recommend a Timber hatch and ladder as this bespoke style ladder would maximise 

your opening. Our Timber ladder and hatch is £450.00 and take 4-5 hours to fit.  

How can I pay for this service? 

We accept cash and bank transfers. 

Book your fitting today!

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Contact Us

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